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music at
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exclusive concert.

Secret venue
Limited seating
Intimate and personal
About Us

Changing the way you experience a classical concert.

Looking for the perfect holiday gift?

Come join us for a beautiful, romantic night out:

🛋 Intimate seating so you can sit next to your companion on comfortable seats
🎫 Limited capacity for an exclusive feel
🎻 Up close and personal experience with the musicians
🍷 Cash bar so you can relax and unwind
🪔 Speakeasy-style atmosphere

This isn’t your typical stoic classical music concert! We encourage interaction from audience members; you are the most important part of the performance.

Bring a date, your significant other, or friends & family to enjoy this exclusive pop-up salon-style concert!

These concerts do not repeat–shows only happen once–so don’t miss out!


Alyssa Tong, Founder & Executive Director

Alyssa Tong, Director


Classical Music

Exciting experiences await you! Come sip a drink and relax to an evening of beautiful music at a lush venue.


Seat capacity

Minutes of music

Salon Series: Music of Passion with the Rolston String Quartet

Explore 3 different composers and some of their best-loved works that showcase their emotional ties to loved ones and traditions poured out through music! Step into the world of the prohibition era at the venue: a speakeasy-style location revealed one week prior to the concert.

Works By:

  • Joseph Haydn
  • Gabriela Lena Frank
  • Felix Mendelssohn
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Downtown Dallas

Salon Series: Unrequited Love with Young Artists of String Insiders

Dimly-lit concert with dreamy decor…you’ll feel the emotion of these 3 composers’ unrequited love and their devotion to the lady of their affection.

Works by:

  • Johannes Brahms
  • Felix Mendelssohn
  • Camille Saint-Saëns
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Downtown Dallas

Salon Series: Yearning for the Past with Alyssa Tong, Patrick Galvin, and more

Immerse yourself in the nostalgia of these three composers who wrote moving pieces about years past and the desire to return to them.

Works by:

  • George Telemann
  • Robert Schumann
  • Dmitri Shostakovich
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San Francisco

Salon Series: Frozen in Time with Young Artists of the Bay Area

Music is a vignette of the time it was written in, and can clearly showcase the general feelings of that era. Journey to the past and connect to these composers of the past.

Works by:

  • Maurice Ravel
  • Living Composers
  • Zoltan Kodaly
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San Francisco


What makes Quest Concerts special?

Enjoy an approachable classical concert

Part of our mission is to make classical music accessible to everyone! And it starts with creating a different concert experience. Classical music can seem boring or even hoity-toity but this concert makes your listening experience fun, engaging, and understandable. You’ll end the night with a deeper appreciation of the music!

Beautiful ambience

Walk into a different world – this concert experience is like no other! You aren’t walking into a concert hall…you’re entering another era. The 1920s and the Prohibition Era? Royal England? Disco and the 70s? Come join us!

Highest quality music

We bring in some of the best artists from around the country for Quest Concerts and they do not disappoint! You’ll hear some of the most beautiful music and encounter new works you’ve never heard before. You can read artist biographies on each ticket page.

Beautiful venue, amazing music, and great atmosphere! I loved it and will be coming back for sure!

Elaine Bessie




You’ll enjoy full works from our talented artists, different every concert. The Rolston String Quartet is opening our series, so don’t miss them!


The location will be revealed one week prior to the concert. Every venue will have its own character and charm and look different!


We encourage you to dress up according to the stated theme of the venue. Interpret it how you wish! Stuck? We send out a mood board for inspo!


Venues are not BYOB, unless stated. We serve beer and wine at all venues; some venues will have cocktails. Details included in your ticket.

Romantic Atmosphere

Enjoy an intimate, warm environment, perfect for a date night out! Chairs will be grouped by party and won’t be theater-style.


Want to bring your kids along? All performances are family-friendly as well! We recommend our performances for 12+ because of attention span.

Photos Encouraged

We would love for you to take photos and videos and post them on social media. Don’t forget to tag us! However, no flash, please!

High Quality Music

All our musicians are highly trained and programs are chosen specifically for the theme so you can be sure all works are played brilliantly.

Full Works

You may hear pieces of music you’ve never heard before. Enjoy a full performance – no snippets allowed!

Technology Expectations

You may use your devices to take photographs and videos and to view virtual programs. Please be respectful of the performers and other audience members by refraining from excessive or unrelated phone use. Devices must be on silent with brightness turned down so as to not disrupt others.

Cancellation Policy

We do not offer refunds post-performance. Refunds may be offered if the performance is more than 24 hours away. In the event of a cancellation by Quest Concerts, refunds will be issued as well as the option to choose a different date or time.

House Rules

Our expectations are simple: show your appreciation for the performers by clapping, listen to the beautiful music, and enjoy the concert!

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What to Expect

Wondering what the concert will be like?


Each concert will feature 3 performances with 3 separate artists, usually performing a full work. Sometimes, they will perform several shorter works or selections from a long work. Each segment will last 12-15 minutes.

Before each segment...

You will see a short video to give a bit of background on your quest and help orient you to the concert format. Additionally, you may meet some composers or friends of composers, who will give an introduction to the piece.

You’ll also receive a Quest Guide that will help you listen for specific things in the music that may help you solve clues.

After each performance...

You will be directed into a Zoom breakout room with up to 9 other participants. Each room will have a private gamemaster to help guide you, who will also release the quest portion of the performance. You’ll need a password to get into each webpage with the clues, which will be given to you by your gamemaster.

The clues

You’ll receive the link to a webpage with clues and questions to answer. It’s your job to connect the dots and figure out the questions! Clues will range from crossword puzzles, to maps, to dates, to rebuses, and more. Depending on the difficulty level of the room, clues may be hidden well or relatively easy. You will not ever need to Google an answer.

15 minutes is allotted for the clue portion.

If you finish early...

Head back to the main room, where the performer will be chatting about their experience performing the piece and working on it. The performer will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about music, themselves, or the piece.

We also have a leaderboard for those that finish clues early.

From the performer...

The performer will play 12-15 minutes of music. Programs will be posted in the Zoom chat with their biography information as well as the piece selections they are performing.

At the end...

We hope you will have completed all the clues and escaped! There will be a short conclusion and performers will be happy to answer any questions you have. Don’t be a stranger and come to another concert!

enjoy an evening out

Come Join Us!

This speakeasy-style concert will be unlike other concert experiences…don’t miss out on this unique and romantic concert!

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