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We always have multiple concerts running simultaneously! Find our full list of current experiences below and keep an eye out for new ones.

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Night at the Museum: Episode I


Night at the Museum: Episode II

March 12-April 30

Night at the Museum: Episode I

It's late at night and after a day of sightseeing and museums, you've been accidentally locked in the Composer Museum! You'll have to listen to their music, solve clues and riddles, and escape before the break of day. Come if you dare!

hang with beethoven

listen to piano sonatas

learn about j.s. bach

explore music of the 1700s

hear solo violin music

be challenged with clues

March 12-April 30

Night at the Museum: Episode II

You made the mistake once already, but got stuck yet again at the Composer Museum! This time, the composers won't let you out so easily... solve the clues and pay close attention to the music! (You do NOT have to complete to Episode I to watch Episode II.)

hear dances by chopin

meet camille saint-saens

enjoy a solo violin sonata

learn about 3 composers

solve difficult riddles

bask in beautiful music

May 1-June 15

Travel Through Time: Episode I

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