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About Our Mission

Quest Concerts’ mission is two-fold: firstly, to innovate the virtual concert experience, inviting new audiences into the concert hall and making the experience approachable and enjoyable; and secondly, to support pre-professional student musicians and offer a source of income to them as performers and administrators.

Quest Concerts is the concept of Alyssa Tong, Executive Director and Founder.


Our Story

Quest Concerts started in January 2021 first as a work study option for highly talented participants in the Online Solo Strings Intensive, a selective pre-professional classical music festival hosted online by Alyssa Tong. The participants were awarded work study to relieve the financial burden and Alyssa dreamed up a concert series that would not only allow serious and talented student musicians to make some extra income but bring new audiences to the concert hall.

The idea grew to a team of 4, when Sumina Studer and Lydia Rhea joined Quest Concerts as Directors of Artistic Development and Artistic Management, respectively, and Natalie Nedvetsky came on as the Head Script Writer.

Finally, Gracie Carney came on to the team as our Concert Manager, organizing the gamemasters and managing the concert logistics.

This women-led initiative quickly saw growth through the next season with private beta test runs and more development.

Set to launch on March 12, 2021, Quest Concerts is sure to make a splash in the music world.

Our Mission & Vision

We care deeply about the future of classical music, and even more so, since the onset of the pandemic. Classical music is thought to lend itself best to a live concert. There’s nothing like sitting right in front of the performers, hearing the acoustics of the hall, and feeling the energy of the room.

However, because of COVID, concert halls lie empty and audiences have lapsed. The transition to digital concert halls hasn’t been smooth.

Therefore, we are innovating the concert experience. No more playing the concert in the background while you clean your kitchen or forgetting to watch that concert video you paid for.

We aim to have eager audiences, ready to enjoy classical music and engage with the material – both the clue portion and the performance portion. Our goals are for the concert to be exciting, entertaining, and worth an hour and a half on Zoom. Our audiences should not only enjoy the music but be equipped to listen to new selections and have an understanding of the piece.

We want audiences to come back to the concert halls as soon as concert halls reopen and aim for Quest Concerts to be an approachable stepping stone to live concerts. Our hope is that Quest Concerts can continue to share the love and joy of music by combining challenges, riddles, and puzzles with music to make a lasting impression on each audience goer and creating a love of music in them.

What We Value


Excellent performances by top musicians


Engaging and challenging quests


Bringing new audiences into virtual concert halls


Providing income for musicians

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3409 Pueblo Dr. McKinney, TX 75070

Weekend Concert Schedule:


8pm EST


6pm & 8pm EST


4pm & 6pm EST